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Client Name: Yosemite Pathology Medical Group (YPMG)
Location: Modesto, CA 95356 (relocation paid up to $3k)
Role Title: Grossing Technician
Salary: $52 – $62k (with some flexibility)
Shifts: 4 PM – 12:30 AM OR 6 PM – 2:30 AM
Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision, 401k after 60 days

A pathology physician group that services hospitals and outpatient practices with a broad range of specialties in both anatomic and clinical pathology.

Industry:  Hospital & Health Care, Medical Practice, Healthcare Provider
Competitors:  Too many to pick from, any hospital system and clinical practiceTitles:  Grossing Technician, Pathology Grossing Technician, Histotechnician


  • Associate’s degree in a scientific discipline
  • Already Grossing tech or background in histology or lab work (Histotechnician or Lab Assistant) – **need grossing experience


  • Excellent opportunity to join a growing organization that frequently promotes from within
  • Career development opportunities through exposure to a variety of specimens
  • Collaborative culture that brings humanity to the workplace – be on a team that cares about patients
  • Gain experience working directly with pathology experts in a variety of specialties

Ideal Candidate: David Luong – in California, recently promoted to Grossing Technician, could be sold on further career advancement and bright future of YPMG

Other Examples: Joseph Torreano (connected), Adriel Pineda, Sheila Kenery, Brittany Davis, Kayla Kingston

Search Ideas

Search 1 Grossing Technician or similar job, West Coast states, degree

Search 2 – Grossing Technician or similar job, West Coast states

Search 3 – Technician, Grossing, California

Keywords to use: focus on searching for titles

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Does the candidate meet the Must-Haves criteria?
  • Would the candidate be taking a demotion?
  • Are there any pink/red flags?
    • Job Hopping
    • Gaps in Employment
    • Currently a consultant
    • Declining stage of career arc
    • If so, seek to discover.
  • Where are they on the career arc?
  • Why do you like them as a candidate?

Connect Messages

  • Name, my team and I are searching for potential candidates for a Grossing Technician position. Our fast-growing client has built a collaborative culture with a focus on promoting from within. This is a great opportunity to join a growing organization and work and learn directly from experts in Pathology. Let’s connect!
  • Hey Name! We are looking for a Grossing Technician to join a growing pathology physician group in Modesto. Based on your background in/with blank, I believe you’d be a good fit for the position. Would you be open to learning more about this opportunity?

InMail Message

Personalized Introduction

Our client is a pathology physician group out of Modesto that services hospitals and outpatient clinics with comprehensive anatomic and clinical pathology support. Their focus on providing support in many specialties means an environment that encourages learning and career development. The organization has built a culture based on the service of others: their patients. This focus on humanity creates a collaborative environment where you feel supported and encouraged to grow. That is best observed in their frequent promotion from within the company. And, with their plans to expand and grow the business, it couldn’t be a better time to join them!

Personalized Close

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Modesto - CA
Industry: Hospital & Healthcare

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